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A Sample of Things We Have Handled Recently

George Washington A classic one page GEORGE WASHINGTON letter.   Jefferson THOMAS JEFFERSON recalls his association with Washington, Adams and Franklin.
Robert E. Lee Attractive photograph signed by ROBERT E. LEE  
John Hancock
JOHN HANCOCK signs a commission for a Continental Army officer in 1776.
Buffalo Bill Cody 'BUFFALO BILL' CODY asks "what's the use of getting discouraged?"  
Abraham Lincoln
A typical letter by ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
Charles Marion Russell
CHARLES MARION RUSSELL letter containing one of the cowboy artist's characteristic jokes.  
Stonewall Jackson
T. J. "Stonewall" JACKSON writes offering a place to William D. Stuart who would be killed at Gettysburg.
George Washington
GEORGE WASHINGTON An important fragment of Washington's undelivered first inaugural address.  
Ponce de Leon
From present Puerto Rico in one of the earliest letters extant from the new world, PONCE DE LEON in 1511 refers to the voyage that would find him landing in Florida eighteen months later.
John Wilkes Booth
The ultimate show business sleazeball mixing in politics, JOHN WILKES BOOTH, proclaims "Three Cheers for America!"  
J.E.B. Stuart
J.E.B. STUART - probably the most famous letter by this romantic figure of the Lost Cause.
George A. Custer
Thirty-nine pages by GEORGE A. CUSTER, one of the longest letters on record by a famous person.   Boston Harbor Document transferring land in Boston Harbor, now part of Logan Airport, in 1656.
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